Shanghai Calling:A Paris of the East Journey


Oddysseus Almanac


“Everyone has a life’s calling”. Each person’s calling is unique and distinctive and in alliance with personality traits and talents. Throughout your life, your calling surfaces over and over again, sometimes in obscure ways or in areas that you have ignored. Your calling may not be the most lucrative thing you had in mind and this is oftentimes one of the reasons why it is overlooked. When you operate in your calling, you will have a deep sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling of personal satisfaction. You will find that you are just one piece of a larger puzzle, and that your impact will felt by more than just you.


Summer,29 days after leaving the portals of the colossal premise of our university a life changing and trotting – experience embrace me and shiver down my spine. A trip that I couldn’t ever fathom that will came into realms…

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